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Evidence Identification
Watson is an application which scans a corporate network and highlights cloud services that are in use - such as Google Docs, Trello and Editgrid. Find out which cloud services may pose a risk to your organisation in terms of e-discovery and digital evidence.

Watson Pro will be available for purchase soon.

Capture & Preserve

Evidence Preservation
The unique fragility of online evidence requires the highest standards of evidence collection and that is what we provide.

Using Capture & Preserve, attorneys, investigators and HR professionals can collect online content and store it in self-contained portable evidence containers.

Managed Capture

Custom Evidence Collection
Managed Capture provides the power of Capture & Preserve as a managed service by Cernam's experts.

We will design, document, test and execute a custom collection protocol for the online sources relevant to your case. This can include a wide range of services.

About Us

We are building the next generation of digital evidence technology.

Founded in 2008 by Owen O’Connor, Cernam is a specialist digital investigations firm focused on online evidence and investigations. Building on a background in information security, electronic discovery and corporate investigations we develop unique tools which bring forensic rigor to the collection, preservation and analysis of online evidence. We are dedicated to providing products and services that help you identify and preserve online content as evidence.

Our exceptional team is based in Dublin, Ireland and San Francisco.

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